Project 2

Project 2: Mapping a Brand
Retail Store Locator Guide and Pictograms

Download Here: Project2_MappingABrand_Part1

CONGRATULATIONS! Your brand loves the invitation and lookbook that you created for them, and now they would like you to design a folded Store Locator Guide Map.
Not only will the map direct customers to your store’s NYC locations (at least 2), the idea is this: If your shopper has multiple reasons to frequent an area, they are more likely to visit your store (and spend money!).

Step 1: Create a MIND MAP with your brand at the center. Branch out with broad
associations, narrowing in on 5 or more activities/interests that your consumer may find appealing. Ultimately, name specific locations that are fairly close to your stores on the map. You should have at least 8 suggested destinations for your guide map (at least 1 activity in each of the 5 activity categories).

Step 2: Once you have your 5 activities identified, develop a cohesive set of pictograms for those activities. (ex: rock clubs, arcade games, vintage furniture, etc). Design simplified pictograms in Illustrator using only black and white. Document process on blog. Post finals to blackboard.

Step 3: Select a folding format from and begin to think about the layout of your map guide taking your format into consideration. Try out some folds and bring your tests to class next week.

Project 2, Steps 1,2,3 are due Week 5, February 21.


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