Project 1A

For Project #1, you will be building on the visual organization skills learned in Design 3 and you will create a fashion show invitation and lookbook catalog  This project has three parts: moodboard, invitation, and catalog.

Select a specific fashion show from The brand will be your client, and you will be designing an invitation and lookbook that corresponds with that show. Before you dive into the graphic design, you need to understand your client’s brand and focus, the inspiration for that collection, and the needs and interests of the end user.

Project 1A: Capture the mood of show; brainstorm inspiration, materials, textures: Think about fabrics (soft cotton, shimmery silk, neon spandex), found objects (bottle caps, newspapers, old polaroids), trimmings (buttons, chains, sequins, etc).

NOTE: The mood or feeling is valuable INFORMATION that needs to be conveyed through the visual aspects of your design.

Make a 16×20 collaged mood board (on ¼” thick black foamboard) inspired by the show. Use key images from the collection itself, and also external influences (Russian dolls, Modern Architecture, 1970s, etc). Collect fabrics, paint chips, anything representative. Distill color palette down to 3-4 main colors. Include 4 words that describe the mood of the collection (ex: structured, playful, romantic, military).

Project 1A is due Week 2.

Download project 1A info sheet here–it includes a list of shopping resources:



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