Project 5

Project 5: Informing Fashion

Download project 5 info sheet here:


For Project 5: Informing Fashion, you are going to research and design a compelling infographic poster that outlines one of the below comparative topics. This composition is the culmination of all topics covered in class over the course of the semester.

Select ONE:
• Preppy vs. Punk: An East Side Story
• In Vogue, or going to Elle
• Classic Comfort: Heels vs. Sneakers
• Faux Real: The history of fur and activism in fashion

Your Infographic MUST include ALL of the following:
• 1 set of comparative timelines or chronologies
(1 set = 1 timeline per subject being discussed. Ex 1 timeline for preppy and 1 timeline for punk)
• 3 charts or graphs of your choosing (Bar chart, Pie Chart, Line Graph, Etc.)
• At least 2 pictograms incorporated into composition (Use next to a fun fact, or incorporate into a chart)

Additionally, your infographic MUST include at least ONE of the following:
• Map
• Illustrative Diagram
• Instruction Set
• Flowchart

Step 1: Decide which topic you will research for your infographic. Compile all research and map out comparative timelines. Bring data and timeline sketches to class.
Present in class on April 24

Step 2: Create all remaining components and assemble into composition.
Present layout in class on May 1

Step 3: Finalize composition. Print and mount.
Final Critique, May 8

Think about hierarchy and gestalt principles while designing.
Poster must be at least 18×24, may be larger/longer if necessary.
Poster to be printed on a high-quality inkjet printer on photographic luster or glossy paper, not on the free printer in the lab (due to quality issues). Mount poster on black board and trim to size.


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