Project 4

Project 4: Designing/Instructions

Download Project 4 info sheet here: Project4_DesigningInstructions

For Project 4, Designing/Instructions, you are going to design, produce, package and introduce a scarf for the accessories market.

A hipster neck scarf, a bandeau top, a sarong…the choice is yours.  You need to make it, package it, and design a set of instructions to explain at least 3 ways it can be worn.

Step 1: Decide what type of scarf you want to make and how much fabric you will need (typically 18×18 for small, 28×28 for standard scarf, and up).

Design a pattern on the computer and print your fabric at Don’t forget–craftsmanship and creativity count!

IMPORTANT: You MUST release to print on or before 3/27 to meet the timeline!!

Step 2: Use your graphic design skills to design a tasteful and functional instructional pamphlet/brochure/poster that walks the customer through various ways the scarf can be worn. (THIS IS THE MAIN INFO DESIGN PROJECT, so design it carefully.) Using hand drawn illustrations or photography, you must illustrate the steps required to reach the end goals (the 3 ways to wear the scarf).

Present illustrations and layout in class on April 3

Step 3: Package your product. Conceive and produce a simple holder that will contain your product and instructions.

Project 4 Final Critique (scarf, instructions, packaging), Due Week 13, April 17


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