Project 3

Download project 3 info sheet here:


You are going to be creating an infographic that tells a story about the clothing in your closet.  Where does it come from, what is it made of? Does this data help us draw conclusions about clothing manufacturing? Does it give us insight into a particular brand? Does it tell us something about the person who wears the clothing (you!)?

Step 1: Fill out the Project 3 worksheet, and start assessing your wardrobe data.

Due Week 6, February 28

Step 2: Sort through your collected data and find an angle that is of interest to you (ie “All About Jeans” or “Mapping Club Monaco.”) If your data doesn’t inspire you, find more data!

Once your data is collected, brainstorm how this data can be presented in a clear, concise, and well-designed way.  Develop your individual charts, etc, keeping in mind that they will live together in your infographic poster.

Due Week 7, March 6

Step 3: Design a 12×18 infographic poster (horizontal or vertical).  The infographic must include—at a minimum—each of the following:

1 bar chart, 1 pie chart, 1 line graph, 1 map, 2 pictograms

Final poster should be printed on the plotter and flush mounted on 1/8” thick black board.

Project 3 Final Poster, Due Week 8, March 20


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