Project 1B&C

Now that you’ve made your mood board and really understand your client’s brand, it’s time to start your invitation and catalog design.

Project 1B:

Design a thoughtful and creative invitation for the fashion show you selected on

The invitation—at a minimum—-must include the following information:

Who (Fashion designer)
What (ex: Fall 2012 Women’s Runway Collection)
When (Date, time)
Where (Location)
RSVP info (Who should they contact and how?)

Think “outside of the page.” This is your chance to do something very tactile and material-driven. How will you convey the message of the show in your design, while still respecting the rule of hierarchy? What will the invitation be printed on? Will it come in a brown bag? A poster tube? Wrapped around a candy bar?

Project 1B final layouts (digital files) are due Week 3.
Final printed/constructed invitations are due Week 4.


Now that you know what you’re doing with your invitation, you ALSO need to start thinking about your lookbook catalog.  A lookbook is a selling tool. It expresses the creativity of the brand while also having a specific marketing and PR function: Buyers and Editors use lookbooks to place orders (for stores or magazine editorial layouts, respectively).


Project 1C:

Design a functional (yet still interesting!) lookbook marketing/selling tool that ties back to your invitation design.

The lookbook must include the following information:

At least 20 images from the fashion show.
A PR statement about the show (or a positive review)
Cover must include:
Who (Fashion designer)
What (ex: Fall 2012 Women’s Runway Collection)
Each photo should include:
Name of Model (If not on, you can make it up!)
What are they wearing? (Describe the outfit in 15 words or less. “Pink sateen blazer, white and pink striped shirt, pony hair skirt”)

Think “outside of the book.” How can you best present this information in a functional way, that is still creative and possibly tactile? Are you making a set of playing cards, a fold out poster, or a traditional cloth bound book?

Project 1C final layouts for the cover and first 10 looks (digital files) are due Week 3.
Final printed/constructed book comps are due Week 4.

Download Project B&C Info Sheet here:



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