Project 3

Project #3: GrowNYC Design Challenge


Download Project 3 Brief here

Download GrowNYC’s Bag Statistics here

Link to GrowNYC Design Challenge on


Participating Parsons Professors: Liz Burow, Philipp von Dalwig, Kathleen Kranack

Class 1: Mondays, 3-5:40pm (Philip)

Class 2: Mondays, 6-8:40pm (Kathleen)

Class 3: Tuesdays, 12-2:40pm (Liz)

Class 4: Tuesdays, 3-5:40pm (Liz)

Task Definition:

Communicate the importance of reducing and/or eliminating plastic grocery bag use at NYC greenmarkets through information graphic story telling. Use large sets of comparative data provided by the client, GrowNYC to convey the full story of plastic bags while also revealing new insights about behavior, the environment and the local economy.

Compare data collected on several variables and develop a story about plastic grocery bags:  where they come from, how they are used and where they end up.  Consider the target audience this information is being presented to and present both the problems, potential solutions and the outcomes of those solutions to help generate understanding, insight, and informed decision-making.  For example, consider the example of plastic grocery bag use at greenmarkets as subset of a greater use of plastic grocery bags within NYC city and within the U.S market.  How can the greenmarkets set a good example for the rest of the city and the rest of our nation?  What are the alternatives to plastic grocery bag use?

Display the complex information visually to help make the data come alive.  Tell a story about your data using a strong narrative as well as various visualization techniques, including maps, charts, time-lines, network diagrams, storyboards.  Make the problem relevant to a specific target audience by presenting the data in a way that the average person can relate to.  Present the information graphics in a substantive, statistical and artistic way using graphic excellence.

Required Deliverables:

PART 1 – Poster

Explaining the Problem

1) Poster (for digital viewing or print)

Use data visualization methods learned in class to create a poster that explains the problem/dilemma of plastic bag usage at the greenmarkets.  (Utilize diagrams, charts, graphs, timelines, flowcharts, etc.)

PART 2 – Call to Action (physical or behavioral)

Choose 1 of the below:

a) Print-based hand-outs/pamphlet/brochure/booklet (physical prototypes, mock-ups, models of concept)

b) Video up to 1 min 30 sec (including intro and credits)

c) Experience design, service design, event (communicate ideas through infographics/visualizations)


A number of data sets and sources will be provided by GrowNYC (see attached documents and links).  The accumulated data can be included (or excluded) in the projects based on relevance to each student’s story telling strategy.  Additional data sets may be sourced by students and can be used only in addition to the data sets provided by Grow NYC and must be validated and sourced accurately.

Greenmarkets is in reference to the network of farmers markets located with in NYC that Grow NYC is associated with.  A full list of the markets is provided here (

Tone of Voice

Encouraging, uplifting, spirited, memorable, warm, funny, witty, savvy, clever, friendly, civic, metropolitan

Target Audience

The campaign is targeted towards both the people who participate in the Green Market system in NYC, but also to citizens of NYC who frequent grocery stores and currently use plastic bags to carry their groceries.

Segments of the target audience include:

• farmers who sell their produce/baked goods, flowers, products at the green markets and decide what kind of bags to use at their stands

• current shoppers of green markets who use plastic bags, but need encouragement to switch to reusable bags

• current shoppers of green markets who use reusable bags and should be reminded of the positive impacts of their efforts.

• future shoppers: those who don’t regularly shop at green markets, but perhaps will be inspired to do so with this initiative.

• families of shoppers: children who can influence their parents behavior/choices

Project Schedule:

Week 1: April 4,5

In Class: Launch Project – Intro to Jovoto Platform & Grow NYC (Jovoto to present project to students, GROW NYC video intro). JOVOTO ATTENDS CLASS for 1 HR

DUE NEXT WEEK: Begin research and gather all data/statistics for Part 1 Poster; Collect inspiration for Part 2 “Call to Action,” begin concept development and bring your project idea to class next week.  ATTEND A GREENMARKET BEFORE NEXT WEEK! Take photos, talk to vendors, watch customers.  Who is using plastic bags?  Who is carrying reusable tote bags?  (See attached Greenmarket list for locations)


Week 2: April 11,12

In Class: Project development; Review data; Review “Call to Action” project ideas

DUE NEXT WEEK: Poster layouts (Jovoto to review next week).  Rough draft/story board/wireframes of “Call to Action” to share with Jovoto.


Week 3: April 18,19

In Class: Mid-review of work


DUE NEXT WEEK: Final, revised poster.  “Call to Action” concept revisions, development.


Week 4: April 25,26

In class work time

DUE NEXT WEEK: Fine-tune and finalize “Call to Action.”  FINAL REVIEW NEXT WEEK!


Week 5: May 2,3 (Final review)

Class review of final work.  JOVOTO ATTENDS CLASS for 1 HR

DUE NEXT WEEK: Students can revise project one last time. Post final versions mid-week.


FINAL RATINGS DEADLINE (students are to rate each others work) – SUNDAY, May 8 at 11:59pm


Week 6: May 9,10 (Project Summary & Outcomes: to be about 1 hr or less of class-time)



a) Jovoto karma King and Queen winners

b) Rating winner

c) Jury winner

JOVOTO/ PARSONS Design Challenge


Week 7: May 16-20 Festival Panel Discussion

Jovoto/Parsons D4 studio/GrowNYC to participate in panel discussion reviewing the innovations & successes of the design challenge (dates and times T.B.D)


About Grow NYC

GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

For 40 years, GrowNYC has been rolling up its sleeves alongside NYC residents to:

* Provide access to healthy, fresh, local food for all New Yorkers

* Grow and maintain vibrant green spaces and community gardens.

* Help New Yorkers recycle more and reduce waste.

* Create the next generation of environmental leaders through hands-on education programs.

Grow NYC Greenmarkets

About the Greenmarket:

Greenmarket Locations:


You may use these facts, and others, to supplement the facts supplied by GrowNYC.

Don’t forget to document your sources!


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