Project 1


DOWNLOAD: Project 1 Brief–Designing Instructions

DOWNLOAD: NYC Recycling Checklist Flyer

LINK: What to Recycle in NYC


•In Project 1, Designing Instructions, each student will design an instructional poster that informs the viewer WHAT IS (and is not!) RECYCLABLE in the city of New York.  The goal is to improve upon the Department of Sanitation’s “NYC Recycling Checklist Flyer.”

•Dip into your pool of visualization tools to create a 16×20 instructional poster.  Decide on the best way to present this complex information to the viewer:  Do you present the information in the form of a flow chart,  a diagram, or a numerical sequence of steps/instructions?  Do you use icons, photography, or color?  The choice is yours.

•When developing your composition, don’t forget to reflect on the elements of graphic design (color, shape, space…) and visual organization techniques (grid system, typography, etc.) learned in Design 1-3.


Your final poster must be a reinterpretation of the NYC Recycling Checklist Flyer, and should contain all the information included on the original.  If you choose to add or delete information, you must be able to discuss your decision to do so.

You must clearly be able to identify and discuss the visualization method(s) that you’ve selected, and explain how it is an improvement upon the instructional system currently in place.


Create your final layouts in InDesign.  The final composition should be 16×20.  All photos or raster graphics should be a minimum of 300 DPI at their final output size for optimal print quality.  You must print your final 16×20 poster in the output lab (or similar facility).  It should be trimmed to size and mounted on black presentation board.  The printed poster will be critiqued, not the digital file.

Document inspiration, sketches, photographs and final work on your blog.  Include downloadable PDF of final poster.

Upload final poster design to Blackboard by 3/7.
File name: LASTNAME_Project1.PDF


Initial layouts Due Week 5 for in-class review:  2/28

Final Poster Due Week 6:  3/7


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