Download: Mini Lecture Info Sheet


You will be paired in groups of two and will give the class a 15 minute lecture on a single or combination of renowned designers or organizations. You are responsible for preparing a presentation to support your lecture and will be graded on both the design of the presentation as well as your ability to lecture the class on the subject matter.

You are expected to describe the major information design and visualization accomplishments of the assigned designers/organizations and to compare and contrast the two bodies of work.

1) 2/28 – Edward Tufte: Overview of his 4 books and major concepts; His new gallery in Chelsea.

2) 2/28 – Good Magazine:  Report on mission of magazine and website (  Overview of projects.

3) 3/21 – MOMA’s forthcoming exhibit “Talk to me” & blog:  Report on at least 4 of the projects being highlighted in the exhibition.

4) 3/28 – Report on mission, goal, and methods of the organization.  Highlight a few projects/exhibits/ initiatives.

5) 4/4 – Pentagram:  The agency’s infographic work, various clients.  Lisa Strausfeld.

6) 4/11 -Nicholas Felton (aka Feltron) and Mark Lombardi: Network Drawings

7) 4/25 – Richard Saul Wurman: Report on involvement with TED and books including Information Anxiety, Understanding Change & Change in Understanding

8 ) 4/25 – Don Norman and his book The Design of Everyday Things


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