Assignment 2

Personal Spending Infographics

Phase 1:

Track your personal spending

Collect your data from Feb 1 – 7

Use this table:

Download “Track your personal spending” Excel doc

Download “Track your personal spending” PDF

Bring completed table to class on 2/7

Phase 2:

Download Assignment 2 Info Sheet Here

Using the data that you collected over the past week,
you are going to create a fun and visually engaging infographic that presents your data in an interesting way.

If the data is boring, you’re not looking hard enough.
Interesting factoids can be found almost anywhere.

Scrutinize the details,
make comparisons,
draw connections.


Your creative composition will include:

A) At least FOUR different types of visualizations that you feel
best represent your data set.

Choose from:
Pie chart, bar graph, line graph, timeline, word cloud, table, etc.

B) At least TWO original pictograms based on your data.
The pictograms can represent items purchased (snacks, books), categories (Food, Style), or currency.

Use them to represent data in your charts, or integrate them into your composition to add visual interest.


Create your charts in Illustrator and your final layouts in Illustrator or InDesign.  The final composition should be between the sizes of 8.5×11 and 11×17.

Document inspiration, sketches and final work on your blog.  Include downloadable PDF of final infographic.

Upload final designs to Blackboard and your blog.



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