Class 5

Data Visualization Tools and Techniques: Maps, Wayfinding
Download the Class 5 lecture on Mapping and Wayfinding here:

Additionally, we learned methods for creating selections in Photoshop and practiced converting these selections to paths and exporting them to Illustrator.  We used these techniques to create vector maps of the United States and individual states–skills that will come in handy when designing Project 2, the Store Locator Guide Map.

Photoshop functions we reviewed included:

  • Selecting via Color Range (Select<Color Range)
  • Selecting with Magnetic Lasso (Tip! Press “delete” key to delete bad points as you go along)
  • Selecting areas with the Magic Wand and using Quick Mask to clean up the selection
  • Selecting with Quick Mask (Hot tip! Use “X” to toggle between black and white colors)
  • Exporting paths to Illustrator (File<Export<Paths to Illustrator)

Illustrator functions:

  • Selecting with Pen Tool
  • Simplifying paths (Object<Path<Simplify)

PROJECT 2 CONT’D – Step 4:
Create “Store Locator Guide Map” for your brand. Finalize map layout for next week. Print, fold, and bring final to class.

Find 6-8 examples of location-orienting maps and wayfinding signage in your day to day routine.  Take photos and post them to your blog. Explain why they are or are not helpful.

A) Finalize Store Locator layout for next week.
B) Assess your closet/wardrobe. Take notes on at least 15 items (Country of origin, material(s), color, cost, brand, type of item). Take photos of the items so you remember what they are. Post data to blog and bring data to next week’s class.

Download the Closet assessment worksheet here:



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