Class 2: Getting A Bit Moody with Fashion Moodboards!

The semester is off to a really great start! I was completely impressed by the quality and variety of the mood boards presented in class this week. From fabric swatches, to gel stickers and gemstones, to chains and feathers, there was a lot of great material analysis and concept research on display. A few student work examples and mood board details are above.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this inspiration translates to our first information design project–the fashion show invitation (information design, pure and simple). Not only do the student need to clearly express the Who What When Where of the fashion show (discernible in 4 seconds or less!), they also need to inform the recipient of the essence of the brand.  That’s a lot of information packed into a tiny envelope!


Welcome to Design 4, Spring 2012

Hi. Welcome to the blog for Design 4, Spring 2012.

We are going to be building on top of the blog originally created for Spring 2011’s D4 class. I’m hoping the resources and posts already in place will aid you as we move through the semester.

If you’re a new student, browse through the syllabus, lecture, and project tabs above.

Welcome aboard!


Editing with iMovie 08

The computers in the Parsons computer labs are currently running iMovie 08.  If you have questions about editing, you can check out these tutorials:

Download Apple’s “iMovie_08_Getting_Started” Tutorial PDF Here

Apple has the clearest iMovie 08 tutorial videos online.  Check them out here.

There are a few demos on YouTube, but most are not so great, especially since iMovie 08 is getting a tad old.  These two below are alright, but the Apple tutorial videos are your best bet.

iMOVIE 08 DEMO – Intro to the interface and quick run through

HIDDEN EFFECTS IN iMOVIE 08 – Shows you how to add film grain, sepia toning, and other discontinued effects that were previously available in iMovie 06


Welcome to the class blog!  Stay tuned for class information, cool links, readings, and more…